Sep 3 - New Gallery with a good movie added - 2006 Battle of Crystal River.
So far 3,254 photos have been posted on this site, 23% of the goal of 14,000. There are 37 different galleries and lots of information for reenactors and history lovers. I am enjoying trying to recapture the "World's Largest Reenactment Photo Site" title again, and I will!!

Sep 1 - All pages updated and a new event gallery added.

Aug 9 - Updating main pages with a cleaner look.

July 30 - A brand new event template to display photos is complete and all existing galleries are being updated.

criv083 Battle of Crystal River
Crystal River, Florida
March 11 + 12, 2006
118 photos, 1 movie

nabr1 Battle of Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge, Florida
March 4 + 5
105 photos

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criv083 nabr1