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Purpose of This website was created and is maintained/updated for the following reasons; to showcase the photography, art, writings and other creations of Paul Wesley Mayhle (referred to within this website as "Wes Mayhle"); to provide information on several subjects that Wes Mayhle finds interesting; to provide news about subjects Wes Mayhle finds interesting; to provide commentary or opinions on some subjects that interest Wes Mayhle; non public (not linked to public pages) area's of the website may be created to serve a specific purpose such as - a central posting area of family photo's or posting a portfolio etc.

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Can I have a Photo(s) Donated? Wes Mayhle is happy to donate photos to organizations or groups that promote or engage in reenacting. Many websites have azitwes or civilwarp photos posted. Wes Mayhle likes to have his photos seen. Donations of this type are limited to a reasonable number and will be sent at resolutions and sizes commonly used on websites. Any other sizes, resolutions, or effects can be requested and may or may not be granted.
The following is for those who take advantage of others kindness. When Wes Mayhle donates photos no rights beyond promotional website publishing are conveyed. No indemnification or release is implied or granted. Resale rights, Redistribution rights, Immoral use, Copyright rights, and all other rights are retained by Wes Mayhle and never conveyed nor implied by the donations.

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Photography and the law: this refers to U.S. law. other countries have their own.
1. Photography is not a crime. Ever since the tragedy of 9/11 spawned the need for increased national security, it has become a popular myth that photographing certain facilities, buildings or places is a crime. This is not true. What has been clearly decided by the U.S. Courts is that anything visible from a public space can be photographed or filmed, including police and government employee's. There are a few caveats regarding the behavior and non-interference of the photographer/videographer in a crises/crime situations. If you are interested in the legalities of this subject please do your own research. Here are a couple good starting places that cite case law.
2. Photographing people in a public place. Read the above section first. If you are photographing people or copyrighted works (i.e. a coke machine, artwork, a winchester rifle etc.) then three questions must be considered. Firstly, is the photograph mostly of that copyrighted creation and is the intention of the photographer to "copy" the work or person? Secondly, does the photographer intend to make a profit from that photograph? Thirdly, did the photographer capture something that had a reasonable expectation of privacy? If any of these questions result in a yes then the photographer may be liable in a civil suit not a criminal court. If you have additional interest in the subject do your own research. Here are a couple good starting places that cite case law.
photographing people in public places Photography and Art Law
3. Photography on private property that is generally open to the public such as an reenactment event, an amusement park or a mall. This is usually permitted unless explicitly stated on a sign. Even in the absence of a sign the property owner or manager may tell you to stop photographing. If you do not follow that private property owners directions he/she can tell you to leave the property. No crime up to this point. If you do not leave the property you may be charged with the crime of trespassing and, according to Bert Krages Book on the subject, reasonable force can often be used to eject you. Attorney Bert Krages is often cited on photography laws and his book is an awesome resource.

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