No person alive or deceased has recorded as many historical reenactments as Wes Mayhle. From Florida to Ohio and as far west as Arizona. In 10 different states and over 80 different events. Most are of the U.S. Civil War but you will find a few Revolutionary War and other time period events. His primary focus is "period correct" scenes but the degree of authenticity can be relative because reenacting is a family friendly hobby and not a vocation for the thousands of participants. Wes has met, conversed and socialized with thousands of these " living historians" and is happy to relate that he has yet to meet a disagreeable reenactor. Wes Mayhle hopes his passion for recording these events is seen and appreciated by YOU!!

2015, 2014 Reenactments Click on any event below to see event photo's, maps, reports, movies, event links, panoramic pics, and more.

ppaz1.Battle of Picacho Peak
Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona
Mar 21, 2015
96 photos, 1 pan

ppaz2.Battle of Picacho Peak
Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona
Mar 15, 2014
87 photos

The first reenactment I attended was The 'Battle of Townsends Plantation' near Mt. Dora, FL, northwest of Orlando. I had just purchased my first digital camera, A Sony Mavica 500 that used a mini CD and took forever to write a picture file. I heard about the event from a radio advertisement. I was enthralled with the combination of history, battle-like action, the colors and the reenactors themselves. I went home to search the internet for more information and pictures but was sadly disappointed at the lack of pictures. That disappointment spawned my greatest hobby, documenting the multitude of reenactments that I was told existed. I then learned how to create a website. quickly became and I enjoyed creating the "worlds largest reenactment photo site". My life took some interesting twists from 2009 till 2013 and I missed many many events during that time. But now in 2015 I have started this website and have photographed a few events and hope surpasses every endeavor I have made in the past. There is plenty more to come. I have more than 80 events from 10 states, spanning 2005 to 2015. Most are Civil War but there are a few others, Revolutionary War, Indian Wars, 1600's Spanish and others. And this time I am also posting my photo's from trips and explorations I have made to interesting places. I hope you enjoy the photo's and come back to visit often. Check the "whats new" box on the HOME page when you visit. ~wes mayhle~

2006 Reenactments Click on any event below to see event photo's, maps, reports, movies, event links, panoramic pics, and more.

bvileventhumb1.The Brooksville Raid
Brooksville, Florida
Jan. 21+22, 2006
146 photo, 3 pano, 2 movie

mtdoEventThum1.Battle of Townsends Plantation
Mt. Dora, Florida
Feb 4+5, 2006, 2006
135 photo, 1 pano, 1 movie

olus2p1.Battle of Ocean Pond
Olustee, Florida
Feb 18+19, 2006
178 photo, 3 pano, 1 movie

nabr095.Battle of Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge, Florida
March 4 + 5, 2006
105 photos

criv083.Battle of Crystal River
Crystal River, Florida
March 11 + 12, 2006
118 photos, 1 movie

2005 Reenactments Click on any event below to see event photo's, maps, reports, movies, event links, panoramic pics, and more.

mtdo050.Battle of Townsends Plantation
Mt. Dora, Florida
Jan. 2005
111 photo 1 pan 1 movie

olus115new1.Battle of Ocean Pond
Olustee, Florida
Feb 10, 2005
125 photos, 3 pano

ftde1.Battle of Ballast Point
Ft. DeSoto, Florida
Feb 26, 2005
83 photos, 3 pano

criv1.Crystal River Raid
Crystal River, Florida
Mar 12, 2005
110 photos

crys1.Crystal River Raid by Jim Shields
Crystal River, Florida
Mar 12+13, 2005
49 photos

narc1.Battle of Narcoossee Mill
Narcoossee, Florida
Mar 19+20, 2005
135 photos, 2 movie

patr1.Parrish Train Raid
Parrish, Florida
Apr 2, 2005
71 photos

parj1.Parrish Train Raid by Jim Shields
Parrish, Florida
Apr 2 2005
53 photos

mait1.The Maitland Picnic
Maitland, Florida
Apr 4, 2005
25 photos

anco1.Ancolote River Raid
New Port Richey, Florida
April 23, 2005
94 photos

hvil1.Civil War Days, Heritage Village
Largo, Florida
May 21, 2005
68 photos, 1 pano

nccp1.69th N.C. Co. A Drill
Ft. Christmas, Florida
May 28, 2005
22 photos

drra1.Drake's Raid of 1586
St. Augustine, Florida
June 4, 2005
70 photos, 1 movie

geky1.Morgan's Raid
Georgetown, Kentucky
June 18, 2005
175 photo 1 pan 1 mov

beva106.The Battle at Liberty
Bedford, Virginia
July 23, 2005
100 photos

camsc1.Rev-War Battle of Camden
Camden, S. Carolina
Aug 20+21, 2005
135 photos, 2 pano

dade1.Battle of Dade City
Dade City, Florida
Sept 4, 2005
57 photos, 1 pano

thga1.Battle of Tunnel Hill
Tunnel Hill, Georgia
Sept. 10+11 2005
196 photos, 1 pano

andga1.Battle of Andersonville
Andersonville, Georgia
Oct 1+2 2005
97 pho 2 pan 1 mov

ockfl1.Ocklawaha River Raid
Ocklawaha, Florida
Nov 5+6, 2005
139 pho 1 pan 1 mov

hlfl1.Battle at Horse Landing
Palatka, Florida
Nov 19+20, 2005
138 photo, 1 movie

rofp1.Raid on Ft. Pierce
Ft. Pierce, Florida
Dec 3+4, 2005
93 photo, 1 pano

ftmc1.Fall of Ft. McAllister
Ft. McAllister, Georgia
Dec 10, 2005
57 photos, 1 movie

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