Civil War Reenactment - Ancolote River Raid
New Port Richey, Florida - April 23, 2005

94 photos by Wes Mayhle of AZITWES


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Ancolote River Raid
-wes mayhle-

I always enjoyed this event. The following was written in 2005 - "I only attended 3 of these events located a J. B. Starkey camp. I hope they hold more events here so I am leaving the 2011-2015 event links in place with my fingers crossed. The battle photos from this event got lost in my camera never to be seen again. I had this old digital camera that wrote the photos to a disk. If you attempted to shoot a picture before the previous one was finished being written it would ruin the entire disk. This happened several times until I was fed up with it and bought a newer Canon powershot".

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