Civil War Reenactment - Crystal River Raid
Crystal River, Florida - Mar 12, 2005

110 photos by Wes Mayhle of AZITWES


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Crystal River Raid Plantation
-wes mayhle-

This reenactment is not commemorating a specific Civil War battle but a series of similar events that took place in the Crystal River area. The west coast of Florida has many inlets and blockade runners were eager to hide from the Union gunships that were implementing Gen. Scotts Anaconda plan to squeeze Confederate commerce which consisted of cotton and sugar outbound, medicine and milatary supplies inbound. One skirmish resulting from this friction occurred on June 29 1862 when the U.S.S Beauragard, a blockade vessel spotted a schooner at the mouth of the Crystal River. Captain David Stearns of the Beauragard along with 6 armed sailors set out in a small boat to pursue the schooner but it was a trap. Another schooner soon emerged from hiding and followed the small Union crew inland. The sailors on the Beauragard never saw their captain or fellow sailors again. Locals told of a sharp skirmish where 5 men including a Union naval captain, were killed outright once they had reached the ambush area. One of the remaining 2 alive was hanged and the other joined the confederates. Florida, due to its long coastline became an ever-increasing source of supplies for the Confederacy as the war continued and events similar to this played out many times. More info

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