Civil War Reenactment - The Battle of Ballast Point
Ft. DeSoto, Florida - Feb 26, 2005

83 photos, 3 panoramic, by Wes Mayhle of AZITWES


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Battle of Ballast Point
-wes mayhle-

I only went to this event one time because it took so long to get there. It was held at Ft. DeSoto Park, Florida on the north side of the opening of Tampa Bay. It predated the time when I wrote stories or reports.

From the National Park Service -
"Two Union ships bombarded Fort Brooke on October 16 as a diversion, while a landing party under Acting Master T.R. Harris disembarked at Ballast Point and marched 14 miles to the Hillsborough River to capture several steamers. Harris and his men surprised and captured the blockade running steamer Scottish Chief and sloop Kate Dale. The Rebels destroyed the steamer A.B. Noyes to preclude her capture. On its way back to the ship, Harris’s force was surprised by a detachment of the garrison, causing casualties".

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