Civil War Reenactment - Morgan's Raid
Georgetown, KY - June 18, 2005

175 photos, 1 panoramic, 1 mpg by Wes Mayhle of AZITWES


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2005 Morgan's Raid Movie: Saturday evening Barn Dance

Morgan's Raid, Georgetown, KY
-wes mayhle-

My report from June 18 2005. The morning started with a raid on the downtown area located 2 or 3 miles from Cardome Center which was the main reenactment area. Reenactors said the turnout was smaller than previous years. There were about 60 horses and maybe another 60 infantry and 7 cannon.
   Reenactors trickled in all day Saturday. The event was held at the historic Cardome Center. I stayed all day photographing the downtown raid, then camp life and then the battle reenactment in the afternoon. I then sat around recharging batteries till 6PM when I attended the wedding of two Union reenactors there. It was presided over by a Rebel clergy who barely made it in time. As he arrived at 6:01, I heard someone mumble "speak of the devil". As dusk fell, after the wedding, the Barn Dance started. After photographing the early dancers I went uphill to catch the night firing of two cannon. I tried some long exposure shots as opposed to only catching the burst. I like the "night feeling" of the pics I got but they are grainy. Then I hurried to the formal ballroom inside the center to capture the pretty formal gowns at the Masquerade Ball. After some time there I, with many others, went back to the Barn Dance till 11PM.
   Everyone was very friendly. The weather was perfect. The trip back was brutal. I started for home at 11:30PM after being on my feet for 15 hours. I learned that I am not as young as I once was. The expected 13 hour drive turned into a 20 hour drive, rest-drive-rest kinda trip.
   All in all I enjoyed it and probably will attend again.

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