Civil War Reenactment - 69th N.C. Co. A company drill
Fort Christmas, Florida - May 28, 2005

22 photos 1 mpg by Wes Mayhle


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2005 company drill at Ft. Christmas

69th N.C. Co. A Company Picnic and Drill
-wes mayhle-

Jason Baller (captain) was always a good friend to me as I encountered him on many reenactments. He invited me many times to join his company. He and I enjoyed many afternoons and evenings in his camp talking about mostly nothing. These photo's were taken at the picturesque Ft. Christmas Historical Park, a reconstruction of the fort built in 1838 during the Seminole Indian War. he park also has many historical building from around Florida. Check it out.

The following was written in 2005 when I originally posted these photo's.
"Our unit of re-enactors and living historians was organized by Captain Jason in 2003 and integrated into the First Battalion of Hardy's Florida Brigade.  Although we are the 69th North Carolina, we are based out of Florida in the Orlando area.  That being said, our members come from all over the state of Florida, from Tampa to Jacksonville and many places in between.  Indeed, we represent Thomas' Legion, specifically Company A of the actual wartime unit.  Many of our members are partly of Native American and Confederate descent, and our participation in the hobby enable us to get in touch with the history that is slowly being forgotten.  But make no mistake, one does not have to have Native American blood in them, or have a great-grandfather who fought for the South in order to be welcome or to have fun!"

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