Civil War Reenactment - Parrish Train Raid
Parrish, Florida - April 2, 2005

71 photos by Wes Mayhle of AZITWES


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Parrish Train Raid
-wes mayhle-

This event has been sponsored by the 75th Ohio Volunteer Infantry reenactor group. It is a small event with 2 battles per day at 11AM and 1PM. The battles are actually small skirmishes, attacks on the train as it passes by. The event is held at the Florida Railroad Museum located in Parrish Florida. The museum is preserving Florida's railroad history and has many historical cars to see and you can ride on 2 daily excursions when the museum is open. At this event the train stops, is boarded by the Union and drives off with passengers and a shipment of treasure in a lockbox. Civilian passengers provide impressions as the train heads out. After a few miles it is stopped and attacked by Rebels eager for a quick enrichment. The two sides alternate their positions for the next battle. It is a relaxed, small and fun event to attend in October.

See other Parrish photos: 2006 Battle - 2005 by my friend Jim Shields

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