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Battle of Picacho Peak
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Since moving to Arizona I searched for reenactments to capture. This is the first. Reenactors come from several surrounding states to reenact in this state park which is part of, or close to, the actual battle gound. The actual skirmish was a small action compared to the large-scale eastern battles but this particular one has its own state park conducive to a reenactment. It was a warm day for me, I had recently transplanted myself from Florida to Arizona ... and it had been several years since I had been able to capture my favorite subject; reenactors. It was wonderful! The park superintendant was on hand along with rangers brought in from other parks. Along with other staff, they handled the event professionally. I will attend this event again and encourage you to do so.

Taken from the Civil War Trust website
April 15, 1862 In February 1862, a band of Confederate Rangers under Capt. Sherod Hunter raised the Stars and Bars of Tucson, Arizona, part of an effort to create an ocean-to-ocean Confederacy.  In order to thwart this move, a Union "Column from California" under Col. James H. Carleton set out across the lonely desert toward Tucson.  On April 15, Union cavalry under Lt. James Barrett met with Confederate Rangers near Picacho Peak, a rocky spire 50 miles northwest of Tucson.  Barrett was killed almost immediately and fierce combat continued for more than an hour before the Federals retreated.  Although the Rangers' victory at Picacho Pass delayed the Union force, the following month Carleton's Californian's eventually took Tucson without firing a shot.

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2015 Battle

Civil War Reenactment - The Battle of Picacho Peak
Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona - Mar 15, 2014
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